Car Sound Calibration

Car sound calibration

We Precisely Tune Car Audio to Make Your System Sound Awesome

For the ultimate in audio reproduction, clarity and stereo performance, there is nothing more exciting than a perfectly-calibrated audio system. Once you have invested in a great car sound system, it’s most important to tune it up perfectly. This is similar to how musical instruments needs to be tuned, and it makes all the difference.

At Paradyme, we are far out in front of the rest with our expertise in this area. We use an advanced sound analyzer. This, coupled with our owner’s renowned 30 years in the car audio business, makes us the ideal company to maximize the performance of your car’s audio system.

Our owner is a highly-respected, internationally-recognized car competition sound judge. He has served in competitions the world over including IASCA World Finals, IASCA Japan Finals, IASCA China and IASCA Korea. He’s been invited as a guest trainer to IASCA in China, Japan, and Korea, and has conducted hands-on sessions with the contestants on the art of car audio tuning. Many of these contestants went on to win world championships and later became world-class trainers themselves.

Over the years, we’ve perfected the process. Today, our owner custom tunes your system from the highest frequency down to the deepest, low-frequency bass. He adjusts your sound processor, crossovers and detects any potential shortcomings in the entire speaker system. All our finest installations take full advantage of this exclusive Paradyme service. It is truly a unique and special measure that only we can perform. Call us to hear what you’ve been missing.

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Car Sound Calibration
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