Restaurant Music and Video – From Bars to Bistros, and Beyond

Restaurants, bars and entertainment venues are all about the atmosphere! This typically requires quick adjustments such as selecting music in specific areas, adjusting volume to different levels in different rooms, switching to the best game on a wall of TVs, or setting a private dining room exactly as the customers want for the magic toasting moment. These venues also require interaction with multiple devices including music systems, flat screen TVs, keypads, mobile devices and more.

Fortunately, Paradyme has been on the forefront of delivering integrated music and video systems for decades. We can put all these things into one seamless system that gives you and your staff easy control from the devices you want. With one button press, you can dim the house lights, turn on the music system, please guests and enhance productivity too. At the end of the night, you can hit one button on a keypad or your smart phone, and shut everything down at once. We can provide practical, small venue music systems up to fully integrated audio, video and lighting systems to meet your needs and budget.

Our Restaurant and Bar Expertise:

  • Music Systems
  • TV and Flatscreen Displays
  • High Brightness Projectors
  • One-touch Control of Music, Video and Lights
  • Networks and Wi-Fi
  • Lighting Systems and Control
  • Service of Existing Systems for Upgrades/Additions
  • Maintenance Service
  • Hands-on Show and Tell to Make the Most of Your System
  • And More!

Our Clients

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