Networking & Wi-Fi

Robust, secure networks and wi-fi

Stay Connected in a Wi-Fi World

Today’s families and businesses are all on the go 24/7. When the internet crashes it can be a major problem. The network that was designed to support simple web browsing yesterday is being asked today to provide constant access to social media, smart appliances, keep everyone’s personal devices going, and now – integrate electronics such as audio and video equipment, security systems and more. Everything circles back to your internet and it must be up to the task.

With these ever-increasing connections, a more efficient, higher quality, reliable network and related software has become a necessity. Your network has to be the right size to accommodate the many devices on it without sluggish congestion, and security from hacks is critical.

At Paradyme, we have decades of experience in electronics and customer satisfaction and we have grown with this technology. We understand the backbone that’s required in today’s homes and offices to support connected lifestyles – and it can’t be picked up at some local retail store. The network must be integrated with your electronics and devices properly.

We offer complete network solutions and support to ensure you’ll have an exceptional experience through 24/7 secure, reliable networks. And – for an affordable price.

Our Networking and Wi-Fi Specialties:

  • Safe, Secure, Reliable Networks
  • Network Design & Implementation
  • Simple Switching for Devices and Products
  • Wireless Wi-Fi Technologies
  • Ongoing Maintenance
  • Support & Troubleshooting
  • Service of Existing Systems for Upgrades/Additions
  • Off-premises Monitoring and Control
  • And More!
Paradyme - Networking & Wi-Fi
Paradyme - Networking & Wi-Fi
Paradyme - Networking & Wi-Fi
Paradyme - Networking & Wi-Fi