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High Performance Music and Video Systems

Paradyme presents a range of the world’s finest components for enjoying the wonders of music and video with the best selection on the West Coast. Whether you’re interested in one room of audio with a classic turntable and heart-pounding speakers or multi-room music that streams throughout the house and video on several TVs – we do it all. Our range of A/V products provide the best-in-class sound, fit well in any décor and budget, and are easy to use.

On the audio side, visit our sound rooms to hear an entry-level amplifier with bookshelf speakers for a great compact system, or the finest-quality floor-standing speakers with unparalleled components and amplification from the world’s top brands. Even get the best possible reproduction from your iPod. If you’re concerned about getting wires to an area, we have wireless solutions that allow you to enjoy your favorite tunes anywhere.

For video, why not distribute it so you can share one source (such as a Blu-ray player or game console) across multiple TVs, saving space and money? We can place all products in a rack, and deliver video around your home with personalized control from remotes, keypads – or even your smart phone.

Let us bring you many years of listening and viewing pleasure, and help you stay on the forefront of the entire entertainment experience.

Interested in a dedicated home theater or media room? See our Home Theater page.

Our Home Theater and Media Room Specialties:

  • High Performance Audio and Video
  • Streaming Audio and Video
  • Multi-room Audio and Video
  • Two-Channel Audio
  • Sound and Equipment Calibration
  • One-touch Smart Control
  • Integrated Video Gaming
  • Hands-on Show and Tell to Make the Most of Your Entertainment
  • And More!
Paradyme - A/V Entertainment
Paradyme - A/V Entertainment
Paradyme - A/V Entertainment
Paradyme - A/V Entertainment