Special Sales

Special sales

Special Opportunities and Delivery – Designed Just for You

Everything we do at Paradyme Sound & Vision is geared to make things most convenient and efficient for our valued customers. As such, occasionally we make special buys from our vendors that allow us to pass on great savings and seasonal specials to you. We also make it easy for customers to look on our website and then pick up products in store or have us deliver them locally to your address of choice.

Kenwood DPX592

JBL GT BASS Pro12 Woofer at $199.99

Reg $249

  • 12″ Power Subwoofer
  • 150 watt RMS, 450w Max
  • Remote level Control incl.
  • 150 Watt Amplifier

The easiest way to add high-output, low-distortion bass to any car audio system is with the JBL® GT-BassPro12 – a powered subwoofer that pumps out car-rocking bass through a design so cool you won’t want to hide it in your trunk. Simply put, it’s a complete subwoofer system for your vehicle. Its patented Slipstream port design delivers deep, bottom-end bass while minimizing port noise. Its woofer features improved motor-structure venting for thermal protection and a progressive spider to ensure superior mechanical reliability even at the highest output levels. Its amplifier delivers maximum power and the flexibility to connect to any factory-installed or aftermarket head unit. And with the system’s included remote level control, which lets you adjust the bass level from the driver’s seat, the only time you’ll need to stop is for gas.

Kenwood DPX592

Hertz ECX165.5 Two Way Coaxial Speaker at $89.95

Reg $179

  • 6.5″ woofer
  • 70 watt continuous
  • 210 watt peak
  • 60-23k Freq Response

The Energy.5 ECX 165.5 car audio coaxial is the solution for those who want to reproduce a wide frequency range without the need of separate components: the coax tweeter adds to the woofer response optimizing the installation-friendliness.
Neodymium tweeter with built-in crossover, pressed-paper cone with deep ribbings for maximum rigidity and accurate optimization of the motor assembly contribute to enhance sound linearity, off-axis response and timbre quality. Thanks to the RHFC technology, the tweeter can be oriented, being 10° angled, to control dispersion and get close to the ideal frequency response.

We highly recommend this speaker

Kenwood DPX592

Race Sports High Intensity Xenon Light System for you Headlights Special at $39.95

Reg 125.00

Affordable AC Technology Kits
• 18 Month Warranty
• High quality igniter system
• 35W ballast power
• Weatherproof design
• Kit includes:
-(2) 35W Ballasts
-(2) 35W HID Bulbs
-Instruction Card
• Bi-xenon kits include
high/low control pack harness

Fix up you night driving!

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