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Sacramento Is Perfect for Backyard Entertainment with Music and Video

If you’ve ever lived in Sacramento, you know the climate allows for endless days of fun spent in the sun. This beautiful and moderate weather begs homeowners to open their doors to outdoor entertainment. Whether you’re hosting a pool party or just enjoying a King’s game, the backyard has become the epicenter of entertainment. Transform your backyard experience with a customized audio and video system designed and installed by Paradyme.

What Is Possible?

The outdoor audio and video industry has made tremendous advancements in the past few years. It has advanced so quickly that the average homeowner is unaware of the entire scope of possibilities available to them.

In today’s audio/visual world, it is not uncommon to install a backyard/landscaped music system that sounds better and is more robust than your interior home audio system. Combine an audio system with an outdoor Home Theater, and you have the picture-perfect setting to enjoy family movie nights under the stars in our Sacramento central valley.

New Innovative products have been designed and built for all types of outdoor settings, Including exposure to the rain and sunshine. There are now endless possibilities and flexibility to upgrade your outdoor entertainment experience.

If you’re unsure of the options available to boost your outdoor entertainment experience, Paradyme offers expert AV design to assist in creating a system tailored perfectly to your vision.

Customized Outdoor Entertainment Design

Paradyme provides custom-designed outdoor entertainment systems for those with unique requirements or challenging projects.

When designing your backyard living space, you plan your landscaping and building projects. Be sure to include the audio and video system you envision during this phase to reduce costs and maximize performance.

Paradyme provides experienced outdoor audio/video designers

to work with your landscaper, general contractor, or other trades. These designers can collaborate with you and your contractors to find the best outdoor entertainment solutions, such as speaker placement and wiring requirements.

Our team has the expertise to design, create and install complete outdoor entertainment systems. The design and installation can include integrating audio, video, WiFi, lighting, and shades, all easily controlled by one of our home automation systems, such as Control4.

Innovative Outdoor Audio Systems

For some backyards, the focus is on the audio system. The music system must have the all-encompassing sound that lifts the emotions, combined with the ease of operation and respect for the neighbor’s tranquility.

When it comes to music and audio, there is a wide range of outdoor-specific speaker options available. For example, smaller speakers can be strategically placed in the perimeter to achieve continuous quality audio throughout the backyard, coupled with an in-ground subwoofer for superior bass response. This combination significantly adds to the homeowner experience.

Considerations For An Outdoor Sound System

  • Will there be above-ground or on-ground placement?
  • Are there enough speakers to cover the area so as not to have hot spots?
  • Do you have suitable amplifiers to power all the speakers in the proper
  • configuration?
  • Will there be an in-ground Subwoofer?
  • Do you want to stream your music wireless and remote-free?

Video Systems For Outdoor Entertainment

Whether it’s snuggling up with your kids to watch a movie or having friends over for the World Series, the outdoor TV, or theater system is the crown jewel in outdoor entertainment.

The newest outdoor TVs are equipped with 4K resolution with an excellent picture performance despite the level of sunlight that might be present. For example, Samsung just introduced outdoor TVs that are fully sun-rated. Start dreaming about watching poolside TV!

Considerations For An Outdoor TV

  • What outdoor TV will work in the intended location?
  • What sources will feed the TV?
  • How will the TV be controlled?
  • How to get the TV sound to the outdoor speakers?
  • Is the WiFi signal sufficiently strong at the TV site?
  • Will the TV feed a proper Home Theater sound system?

Paradyme Outdoor Entertainment

There’s no better way to enhance your backyard experience than to install a customized audio and video system. It gives you the power to bring the indoors outside. Paradyme can help you create, design, and install the outdoor entertainment system of your Dreams.

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