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Klipsch Heritage Speakers

At Paradyme we carry the following premium Klipsch Heritage Speakers at our local Sacramento store. Visit our dedicated Klipsch Heritage Showroom to listen to all five models in the floor-standing speaker lineup.

Klipschorn AK6

$8,249 each (MSRP)

This is it! The granddaddy of all high-performance speakers! The legendary Klipschorn will play anything you throw at it with the full power and dynamics of a live concert experience. At low volumes, even the minute details are clear and precise, turn them up, and they are a powerhouse with no equal. This newest version has better bass as it no longer relies on airtight corner placement. The stunning cabinets are a work of art.

Klipsch Klipschorn AK6 Speakers Sacramento

Klipsch La Scala AL5 Sacramento

La Scala AL5

$6,599 each (MSRP)

Originally conceived as a “mini” Klipschorn, the latest version of the La Scala features stunning book-matched veneers and concert hall performance without requiring corner placement. Suitable for mid to larger sized rooms, they will play effortlessly at any volume level, even with a modest amplifier.

Cornwall IV

$3,299 each (MSRP)

What’s not to like about a 3-way speaker with a 15” woofer? If your space is a bit larger, the Cornwall IV comes closer to the performance of the legendary Klipschorn in a more compact form factor. It is the best balance overall for mid-size rooms, with full bass extension and the illusion of a live performance

Klipsch Cornwall IV Speakers

Klipsch Forte IV Speakers, Sacramento

Forte IV

$2,499 each (MSRP)

“If only I could have the performance of a Cornwall without taking up the floor space” was the thought when the Forte was designed. Bigger sound and more bass than the Heresy, smaller footprint, and easier room placement than its larger brothers. This year saw improvements to an already great speaker.

Heritage Theater Bar

$2,499 each (MSRP)

Leveraging the latest advancements in Klipsch proprietary acoustic technology, this high-end sound bar is able to emit the sonic performance of a three-speaker system, within a single housing.

Klipsch Heritage Theater Bar in Sacramento

Klipsch Heresy IV Speakers in Sacramento

Heresy IV

$1,599 each (MSRP)

An updated version of this classic speaker! No other compact speaker can match the output and dynamics of the Heresy. Initially designed in 1957, this latest version adds a new tweeter, new midrange horn, and porting for bass extension. Super-efficient design means no need for a high-powered amp to make them sing.

Why choose Klipsch speakers?

Klipsch is a proud American-made brand that has been around for nearly 75 years. They take no shortcuts with their products.
All Klipsch speakers are hand built to order in Hope, Arkansas. The personal craftsmanship makes for a wide dynamic range and full encompassing sound that will fill your room with a nice bright sound, including crisp highs and deep bass.
All Klipsch speakers come with a 10-year warranty, so rest assured your investment will be long-lasting. They are legitimate heirloom items you will want to pass onto future generations.

Klipsch Heritage Speakers in Sacramento

We invite you to visit our new Klipsch Heritage showroom at our local Sacramento location. The room was designed with a combo of speakers and electronics that makes for a spectacular listening experience.

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