Home Networking For Peace of Mind

In the past, WiFi only had to support simple web browsing.

However, there are high demands for constant access to social media, live streaming, smart appliances, music and television, and security in today’s connected home. Internet access is almost as essential as electricity!

Homeowners tell us they experience constant frustration in the search for a reliable WiFi solution. Some subscribe to a higher gigabit internet speed, but are hampered by their consumer-grade WiFi equipment. In addition, most Internet Service providers only install one Access Point that cannot cover the whole house with WiFi.

As households become more dependent on their WiFi for homeschooling and work-from-home options, reliable internet is essential to their communication, connection, and productivity.

Home Networking Solutions

Paradyme offers home networking solutions that create dependable and consistent WiFi access. A good network improves the streaming audio and video quality. It can be more responsive and sound better with improved video quality.

All home automation control systems depend on a solid and stable WiFi system for a consistent and immediate response in its operation.

Paradyme insists on a fully configured Internet and WiFi system before installing and programming a home automation control system.

Paradyme recommendations for Home Networking:

  • One access point can cover a home up to 1,800 ft2, but two is even better.
  • A multi-story home should have a WiFi access point on each floor
  • In our experience, a mesh WiFi network has not been reliable for Smart Home Control Systems
  •  An adequately designed WiFi network will comprehensively cover the home, with consideration of the home’s construction materials that often attenuate the signal.
  • We highly discourage the use of WiFi extenders. 
  •  If you have poor cellular service at your home, you may want to use the WiFi calling feature.  Not all WiFi systems can provide that.