Sacamento Best Car Stereo Store

Sacamento Best Car Stereo Store

Best Car Stereo Store …Can you believe this?

Sacramento has voted us as the best Car Stereo Store five years in a row.  The first award received was in 2011.  It is truly amazing and we are humbled by this award.

Doing Car electronics right is hard work, requiring lots of skill and experience. It is more difficult with each passing year as cars become more challenging.  But we are beaming with pride when our customers voted us as the BEST!  Sacramento Best Car Stereo Store.  Thank you all. We don’t have much to say except that our dedication to audio quality will always remain our prime focus. We will continue to strive for excellence and service.

This award is a result on voting online by Sacramento area residents on KCRA’s A*list contest each year in the spring.

More about the award here….


Our Best Car Stereo Store Team

Of course, its our people that made this possible. We would like to recognized some of our key team members:

terry tim


And there are a whole lot of other people behind the scene that support this effort. We thank them too!

Here’s a Screen Shot of our award page…..

Best Car Stereo Store 2015