PrimaLuna - Tube Amplifiers

PrimaLuna – Tube Amplifiers

PrimaLuna - Tube Amplifiers

PrimaLuna Tube Amplifiers

We are excited to announce our appointment as PrimaLuna’s exclusive authorized Sacramento dealer. PrimaLuna Tube Amplifiers. They have a fabulous reputation for producing excellent tube amplifiers at an incredible price.  Yes, PrimaLuna Tube Amplifiers in Sacramento for the first time.

Why PrimaLuna Amplifiers?

First of all, tube amplifiers  are hot!!!! Literally and demand-wise.  Tubes reproduce the most wonderful intimate sound for music.

We chose PrimaLuna as our tube brand, a market leader.  They have redefined the term high-value hi-end when it comes to tube electronics.

They offering amazing sounding integrated amps, preamp and power amps. PrimaLuna truly delivers the promise of Hi End audio at affordable prices.

They offer an unique feature on all their amplifiers, ADAPTIVE AUTOBIAS, that automatically adjust the bias to maintain the optimal performance of each individual tube within the amplifier.

Come in today to experience the wonderful sound of PrimaLuna.