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Stereophile Reviews GoldenEar Triton One, “Awesome…A Giant Killer”

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Stereophile reviews GoldenEar Triton One

manI was thrilled that Robert Deutsch’s rave review in Stereophile of the Triton One appeared just in time for CES. Robert, as you may recall, reviewed the Triton Two several years ago and absolutely loved it. So, it was no surprise that he loved the One as well. Robert is a rather soft spoken, reserved individual, so his reviews tend to be a little more reserved, but his wonderful review certainly gets the point across, as you will read.

First off, he (and his wife too, BTW) fully understood the concept of our styling and design and wrote,

“I find it sleek and like the fact that its looks don’t draw too much attention to the speaker.”

 As most of you have discovered, this is a speaker that certainly makes a strong design statement in a subtle way that women like (i.e., an attractive WAF factor). He then goes on to observe,

 “The Triton One’s cloth wrap hides an impressive array of technology.”

 Yes, it certainly does! To its credit, Robert found that,

 “The Triton One is a high resolution loudspeaker, which had its payoff in listening to music, as well as listening for the effects of system tweaks.”

 In fact, he discovered that,

 “The Triton One proved extraordinarily revealing.”

He had a nice comparison with the original Quads (always one of my favorite speakers), as like the Quads,

 “I didn’t feel I had to play them loud to hear all the music. I think this is a testament to GoldenEar’s high resolution.”

 And he spoke of how

 “… the Triton Ones rendered a very plausible illusion of listening to music in a concert hall or opera house.”

 This certainly is a very high compliment. He loved the bass, noting,

 ” … use of Triton Ones in a home theater might make it possible to forgo a subwoofer.”

 (I’ll say!). But, at the same time he observed,

 “As I listened to a variety of music, it became clear that GoldenEar had chosen to go for quality rather than mere quantity of bass.”

 And best of all, regarding that really important detail that makes the magic happen,

 “The Triton Ones were sound staging champs: the stage was wide, higher than the speakers themselves, and presented great depth.”

Finally, and Robert crafted this statement with great political acumen, he named 5 speakers ranging from $36,000 to $106,500 a pair, and while saying that

 “If you yearn for and can afford one of these Class A super speakers, go for it.”

 He then followed it by the killer statement,

 “And yet, the mere fact that it’s not unreasonable to compare the sound of the $4999.98 Triton One with the sounds of speakers costing tens of thousands of dollars more per pair says a lot about GoldenEar’s level of performance.”

 And his final recommendation, that speaks clearly to the majority of potential customers out there,

 “For the audiophile who doesn’t have–or doesn’t wish–to spend the money for cost-no-object speakers, yet wants sound quality that approaches what such expensive models can produce, I recommend first listening to the Triton Ones. You may decide it is all the speaker you need.”

 Bravo Robert!

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