Music Matters 2014

Music Matters 2014

Music Matters 2014Fourth Annual Music Matters 2014

During this event, we will have the finest audio equipment demonstrated for your pleasure by their manufacturers in half hour sessions. Hear high resolution music reproduced in a spectacular manner. Listen and see the difference among them. Get your questions answered on the state of high resolution music reproduction.

Vendors at this event: McIntosh, Integra, SONOS, NAD, B&W, GoldenEar, Sony, Audioquest, Paradigm Naim, Sennheiser, and Control4.

You will experience:

In our big sound room this year, at our Music Matters event, we will be featuring the best of analog and digital music reproduction. We have teamed McIntosh, who will show the C50 preamp, the MC302 Power amp and the MCD550 CD player, with the new Prestige speakers from Paradigm and an analog delight from REGA.

Integra and B&W speakers will be displaying together and showing off great Hi Rez reproduction. We will have the new B&W CM10S2’s connected to the new Integra DTR60.6 receiver.

NAD will be showing off their new Masters Series Pre amp and Power amp the M12 and M22.  Teamed with these will be the Sony ES HAP-1z music player and hard drive. This will be pure digital heaven connected to the Paradigm S6 speakers.

Finally we have paired NAIM and Golden Ear Technologies in what will be a tour de force in high value high end reproduction. You will hear the Triton 1 and the NAIM NAIT XS driven by the NDS5XS music player. This will be digital to rival analog.

For the first time we will be hosting Control 4 at this event. You will see the ways you can use integration to control all your media. Don’t miss this.

As usual we will have Sonos and Audioquest presenting their products and Sennheiser demonstrating their head phones.


The presentations are scheduled in half hour sessions in multiple rooms.  You will have the opportunity to attend any sessions that interests you.

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Photos from last year’s event:

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