Wireless Music System Makes it Easy

Recently a client came into our Roseville showroom with a problem. She has an existing house and wanted to enjoy music throughout her house. In some homes this would have been easy but in her situation it was a challenge because there was very limited access to run speaker wires from her rooms back to her stereo. We proposed a Sonos solution, a wireless music system, that provided sound to eleven different areas. In each area she purchased speakers that met her performance expectations and then we connected those speakers to Sonos components. In some rooms such as the kitchen, these Sonos components were located discretely in the customer’s existing cabinetry. The beauty of the Sonos system is that the user generally does not need to physically interact with the Sonos components, therefore they can be hidden.

In her backyard (pictured) we installed a pair of rock speakers out by the pool and a pair of under the eve speakers near her house. This combination offered excellent sound distribution and was tested to hit 90dB for outdoor pool parties. Her teenagers were thrilled that they could take music from their computers and iPods and play it in their rooms. The adults were happy that they could stream the radio sound from a Giants game in their office. Their guests were surprised that Spotify and Pandora could be played by the pool. All three events could occur simultaneously. Then, as the evening progressed all areas of the house were linked together to play music from their iTunes collection.

The end result of the customer’s purchase of this wireless music system from Paradyme is a flexible system that can be adapted to new music providers and even be moved to another house should the customer relocate. This investment will provide years of entertainment for her entire family.