Our Zodiac DAC Has Finally Arrived!

carnesOur Zodiac+ D/A has finally arrived! This is the the same unit as the Gold just less the remote control and the ability to stream 384K. Since we don’t have any files that large, this is not an issue. We did opt to get the Zodiac+ and the Voltikcus, which is the out-board power supply, in the Black finish.
zodiacAs soon as I hooked it up the improvement in sound over the DAC’s we were using was was very noticeable. We were using two different DAC’s each of which were in the $1000.00 range. These are well known good products but neither held up to the performance of the Zodiac. Things just jumped out of the system, the speakers totally disappeared, bass is tighter and more extended and the general blending and pace of the music jumped up many notches in performance. The Zodiac has only been on for a few days. It was my experience when we had the first sample that it needed about 100 hours to really sound it’s best. I will write some more in a week or so as to my observations of how things change with burn in.

Bill Carnes