Triton-esquely Amazing Rave Review of GoldenEar Aon 3


We are all familiar with the saga of the now legendary GoldenEar Triton Two. Now the Aon 3 moves proudly along the same path with an extraordinary rave review from SoundStage! Hi-Fi‘s Doug Schneider.

I think his statement that the Aon 3s…

“sounded out-of-this-world”

logo“…big, ballsy, spacious sound…awesomely wide, deep soundstage…with a breathtaking sense of depth”
.sums it up well. But does Doug ever rave about the Aon’s, saying:

And then he goes on,

“I marveled at how effortless and smooth the Aon 3s always sounded … sounds far more natural, detailed and refined than most would think possible”.

And our whole team is crowing proudly, as should you, at his statement that,

“GoldenEar has a lot to crow about”.

goldenearYes, I believe that the Aons will redefine quality, performance and value in their price range, much as the Tritons have. And happily Doug agrees and wrote that the Aon 3s
Click here or on the image to the right to download this great review. Please distribute this to your team, highlight it on your web site, blog it, pass it along to your mailing list and basically proudly crow, along with us, about the incredible Aon 3s.Great Stuff! And Soundstage has also honored the Aon 3 with their prestigious Reviewer’s Choice Award!