Paradyme Roseville is Moving to a New Location with an Exciting New Concept

We will be moving our Roseville Store to a smaller space a couple of doors up, right  next to the AT&T store in the same center, RockyRidge Shopping Center.  This should occur in first quarter, 2011.  When we first opened our current location ten years ago, televisions were big boxes and there were no flat screen TV’s. Loudspeakers were big.  We were waiting for the digital and analog convergence.  HDTV was just starting.

Now things are smaller, interconnected, and integrated into one’s living space.  We now have iPhone’s and iPads.  Same with streaming video and music which are now very exciting and compelling.   The challenge now is to bring them all together.  Connect and control them so they all function together.  Make it so your grandma can use it, enjoy it, and not be frustrated by it.

Control systems, once extremely expensive, have now reached the popular range.  These control system are the backbone to ties all these separate pieces together to function together:

  • Stream music or video to anywhere within the home.
  • Use any device (iPad, Cable box, Internet) as a source for streaming music and video.
  • Energy management with lighting and power consumption
  • Energy management with heating and cooling.
  • Managing security cameras and their recording
  • Managing important door locks around the home – lock and unlock remotely.
  • Remote management of your home from anywhere with an Internet connection

We are actually very excited about this new environment.   In fact, it will be the prime emphasis in our new store.  We are not abandoning our heritage of quality audio and video. No, they will continue to be a major part of the integrated home.  We will just do more!

We are also very excited to make our announcement of our appointment as an Apple dealer.  This fits very well in the direction we are headed.