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A Conversation with Sandy Gross of GoldenEar

sandyOut of the blue, on July 17th, Sandy leaves a voice-mail to call him back. He wanted to update me on a new project he was working on. I hadn’t talked to him since his departure from Definitive Technology last year. For those of you who don’t know Sandy, he was a co-founder of Polk and Definitive Technology, both highly successfully speaker brands.

So I returned the call, and after catching up on our personal news, he went on to explain the launch of his new speaker brand. I said, “Sandy, are you out of your mind? A new speaker line in this recession? And GoldenEar? Why GoldenEar?” He said, “Can you easily remember GolderEar if I just mentioned once and it means something?” I said “Yea-easily”. “That why I chose it; I don’t want any of those meaningless high tech names.”

Then he goes on to explain all the new technologies he had incorporated into his new launch – that each of them would provide fantastic performance, but combining them all together will be incredible. As he was explaining them to me, I can sense the excitement and joy in his voice; just like a young boy in a candy store.

I’ve known Sandy for decades, and in my book, he is an extraordinary marketing and speaker designer. It’s an unusually rare combination to find this in any one individual.

So when he asked Paradyme to be one of his charter dealers, we were honored. This is the first speaker brand that we agreed to represent on a lineup that we had not heard or seen – just on Sandy’s reputation and the veteran team he had assembled.

Last week, I saw Sandy after our HTSA association dinner in Saint Louis. He was smiling and having a great time. Actually, he was bubbling. I told Sandy, I don’t recalled seeing you so excited and happy in years. He went on to explain he had a great CEDIA launch and the interest exceeded his expectations. We carried on a conversation about the behind-the-scene CEDIA hiccups but it all worked out – they were hilarious.

Sandy is a visionary, so I asked him what’s in the future for the brand and the industry in general. He said he already has next year’s designs in his mind – I can sense his products are market driven. Sandy goes on to explain at great length, that the market demands a great value at high performance. Dealers had told him that his speakers are too inexpensive compared to others -that the sound quality and fit and finish of his speakers are just too good. Sandy said that’s the way he wanted it – with a smile.

First products are expected to begin shipping on the week of December 6th, 2010.

Leon SooHoo